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Is AnuCura safe to use?

All ingredients in AnuCura are considered safe and are approved for use in skincare products. All ingredients are approved by the FDA ( Food and Drug Administration).


Does AnuCura contain steroids?

No. AnuCura contains neither cortisone or other steroids. 


Does AnuCura have any side-effects?

It is quite common to feel  a mild burning sensation  for a few seconds upon application of the product, especially if the skin around the anus is red and irritated before you start the treatment. This burning sensation is usually not a challenge as it only lasts a few seconds and is usually only moderate. 

Unless you have a known allergy to any of the ingredients in AnuCura there should not be any side effects even with long term use of the product.  In the unlikely event that you feel that the product has not helped you as expected please contact us.


Can AnuCura be used by pregnant women or women that breastfeed? 

There are very strict rules concerning which products are approved for use by pregnant women or women that breastfeed.  Even though the FDA does not consider any of the ingredients as a danger for women in these groups we cannot make recommendations for pregnant or breastfeeding women until further studies are carried out.

Can AnuCura be used in children?

Contrary to adults - anal itching in children more often has a specific cause.  This could be for example an allergy to washing powder or worms. If your child complains about anal itching it is important that you get an appointment with a physician to determine the exact cause. AnuCura is considered safe for use in children > 3 years age but AnuCura can cause a short burning sensation when applied which some children can experience as discomforting.  This burning sensation usually disappears within the third or fourth application.  As we mentioned above - before using AnuCura on your child we strongly advise you to see a physician first. Usually anal itching is easier to treat in children - in many cases a zinc paste applied twice daily can be anough to solve the issue in children. I

 Why has my physician not heard about AnuCura?

AnuCura is a new product and it will take some time before doctors and other health personell know about it. 

Why is AnuCura not available in my pharmacy or in shops?

AnuCura is a niche product. There are considerable costs involved concerning getting a product into pharmacies or shops.  Also - when selling a product through a second party this obviously also has an economic impact for us.  Being a small company with a niche product an internet shop was the best option for us at this time.

Will AnuCura cure my anal itching - in other words- will I get rid of the itch forever?

If you only have a periodical itch it is possible that only a few days treatment with AnuCura can lead the itch to disappear forever.  However, if you have been suffering from daily itching maybe over a period of several years ( like many of our customers) we cannot claim that AnuCura will make this just disappear never to come back.  There is no cream or ointment in the world that can make this claim.  However, we can guarantee you that AnuCura will get your itch under control so that you no longer are bothered by itching. In the start you will have to use AnuCura every day.  You will feel immediate long lasting relief which lasts for many hours or even the whole day. Once your skin has regenerated and the itching cycle has stopped most people use AnuCura a few times a week to keep things under control. 


Why is AnuCura relatively expensive?

We dont think that AnuCura is expensive.   You only need small amounts at each application and a glass of the product usually lasts a few months.  Many of our customers have used hundreds of dollars on other products which at best only provided short term relief.  Remember also that a considerabel amount of research has gone into this product.  Besides -many wrinkle creams with doubtful effect cost a lot more than AnuCura!

Why should I believe that AnuCura will finally provide me with relief from my anal itch when all other products have failed me?

If you have read the text down to this point you are probably one of hundreds of thousands of persons who are desperate to find something that really provides relief.  We know that.  We are here to help you. We have tried  basically every product available in pharmacies and on the internet and are not familiar with any other product that has the same properties as AnuCura. 


Can AnuCura provide relief for hemorrhoids and anal fissures?

The ingredients in AnuCura are soothing and help to repair the skin around the anal area. In most cases AnuCura will provide relief in cases with hemorrhoids and anal fissures ( an anal fissure is a tiny but painful tear in the transitional area between the skin and the mucosa of the intestine).  Again, there is no cream or ointmeant that can cure hemorrhoids.  However, if you have an itch causes by hemorrhoids      (which is quite common) then AnuCura will definitely provide relief here. 

If you have a strong pain in the anal area, especially when on the toilet then this is suggestive of an anal fissure. In this case we recommend you to see your physician to check for an anal fissure.  A physician may prescribe you a nitroglycerin ointment for treating the analfissure. If you are using such an ointment we advise you to apply this first and let it be absorbed by the skin for a few hours before applying AnuCura. 

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